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Learning Flows for Frontline Workers in the Service Industry

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Frontline workers are the first point of contact between a company and its customers. As a critical link between the two, they require real-time skilling opportunities to perform their jobs effectively.


However, these employees are mostly outdoors, pressed with time and have limited access to computers. So, it is crucial to have a Learning Management System that works well on a mobile platform and provides up-to-date and engaging content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


Here are some of the ways an app-based Learning Management System can solve your frontline training challenges:


  1. Counter Attrition 

Studies reveal that 31% of employees quit their jobs during the first six months of employment. This is generally because of low engagement and confidence in performing their jobs. Sometimes an easily accessible learning and training initiative can boost employee confidence and make them love their jobs so that they don’t quit or search for other opportunities.


Therefore, it is important to identify the gaps where frontline workers need support and fill them with engaging learning programs. This would maximize productivity while enhancing service.


  1. Provide Targeted Training Throughout the Employee Lifecycle 

Successful companies recognize key training areas and preferred modes of learning, such as video, e-learning, etc. to continuously upskill their frontline workforce.


A Learning Management System can help with sustained learning, thereby enabling employees to fulfil their job responsibilities while also developing their skills.


  1. Mitigate Compliance Risk

As frontline workers are directly in touch with customers, their chances of leaving an unpleasant impression on customers or behaving unethically are especially high. Modern customers are also quick to highlight poor conduct in employees through social media and other channels. Hence, it is imperative that the employees be regularly prompted and apprised of good and compliant behavior. A mobile-based LMS can make this possible in an effective manner.


  1. Propagate Best Practices

As frontline workers spend most of their time interacting with the customers, traditional channels of team collaboration may not yield the desired results. Therefore, it is important that we make learning a social activity and incorporate it into the workflows.


Furthermore, the frontline employees should have quick and easy access to the latest product information, promotions, and schemes to satisfy their customers.

G-Cube’s LMS Mobile App is created keeping in sync with the preferences of modern users:

  • The app delivers need-based courses and training anytime, anywhere.
  • It allows the users to download courses for offline usage.
  • These new experiences are built on an aggregation of various individual content pieces.
  • The modern card-based design hooks up the learners for accessing content that is segregated across various channels.

Besides, G-Cube LMS also caters to the specific business objectives of the frontline workers. These include:

  1. Faster Onboarding
  1. Training Needs Identification 
  2. Building a Culture of Compliance 
  3. Sharing Best Practices 
  4. Enablement at the Point of Sales (POS) 
  5. SOP Training Management 

Keeping the frontline staff updated as per the latest products and protocols is critical for the success of any business. From enabling on-demand training to sharing the latest product offerings and industry guidelines across different time zones, the mobile-based Learning Management System platform helps develop and nurture talent across your teams.


To cater to the immediate training requirements of your frontline workforce, get in touch with our  Learning Consultants and enable your staff with the app-based Learning Management System.