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Posted on : June 27th, 2019
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Using Modern LMS for Enterprises, Startups, and Academic Institutions

Organizations, including enterprises, startups, and academic institutions are looking for robust learning management platform to facilitate training experience. So, it is essential to know the target audience, learning need, an ideal time to market learning management systems. Best LMS platforms used worldwide are intuitive, easy to navigate, and customizable as per the bespoke requirements of all.

Learning Management Platform

Rising Scope of LMS Platform: The Need is Evident

An easy-to-use and customizable learning management platform caters to the training needs of all. Consequently, learning through LMS helps to boost employee engagement, knowledge retention, and workforce performance. Different use case of modern LMS include:

Corporate workforce training

Whether it is healthcare, automotive, retail, or any industry, there is a continuous need to train their workforce. Using a robust LMS platform, organizations can mitigate costs and risks related to traditional learning, thereby allowing the workforce to access online courses at their own pace and convenience.


Organizations now realize the need to automate the new hire training process. Best LMS platforms aid new employees to access online courses on company culture, policies, compliance, and more. Once an employee joins the office, the LMS automatically assigns relevant training courses on the code of conduct and other guidelines which can they can go through at their own pace.

Engagement and Retention

Online training optimized learner engagement, but also improve knowledge retention levels. An effective retention program ensures that knowledge and skills remain with the company, even when an employee leaves or retires. An efficient learning management platform supports this functionality by providing access to relevant training modules for new hires as well as employees coming from other departments.  

LMS Platforms for Enterprise, Startups, and Education Sector  

The selection of learning management system platform depends on the varied training needs of enterprises, startups, and educational institutions. Let us discuss them in detail:


The main objective of enterprises is to boost workforce engagement, drive sales, retention, and reduce training costs. In today’s ever-evolving LMS platform market, enterprises are deploying online training platforms for varied purposes- internal/external workforce training, onboarding, compliance, sales enablement, and more. Organizations leverage an optimal use of LMS features, including mobile learning, augmented reality (AR), personalization, gamification, automated tracking, reporting, assessment engine, and so on.


Startup companies deploy modern LMSs to leverage benefits AR and gamification to create training content tailored to the needs of all. These include small businesses which want to deliver workforce training effectively. Such companies implement cloud-based learning management systems- flexible, affordable, and do not involve initial installation or deployment costs.

Academic institutes

The education sector mainly uses an elearning platform to increase collaboration, retention, and drive student performance levels. It looks for best LMS platforms that cater to educational standards as well as students’ expectations in terms of easy navigation, customization, and seamless mobile support.

Amongst the best LMS platforms, SumTotal learning management system, G-Cube LMS, Cornerstone are ideal for enterprises, while Blackboard and Canvas for the education sector. Based on your personalized learning needs, you can select the most appropriate LMS platform for effective training experience. Though there are several advantages of LMS, the path to deriving optimal value varies for enterprises, startups, and institutes.

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