Transforming Training Experiences through Learning Management System Chatbots

Posted on : September 10th, 2019
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In today’s modern world, everything is at the cusp of change with the evolution of the learning management system (LMS) chatbots. The new-age learners are increasing the utilization of bots on their personalized mobile devices to boost engagement and retention. Chatbots are computer programs that interact with learners, identify their needs, and accordingly give responses. These impart several benefits, such as greater accessibility, automated learning, and reduced operational costs.

Learning Management System Chatbots

With the rising scope of the modern learning management system, chatbots are becoming a popular technology trend for corporate training. As a result, bots ensure continuous training delivery, thereby boosting workforce engagement, business productivity, and brand value. Multiple benefits of intelligent bots include the following:

  • The interactive user interface (UI) of bots reduces overall time and effort required for training, thereby improving learner interaction and retention levels.
  • Users can easily access multiple applications simultaneously, by typing text or saying what they need.
  • Learners utilize smartphones and tablets to interact through bots and get instructions on how to bridge gaps and improve skills.
  • The robust online learning software support chatbots to deliver at the point of need.
  • Bots engage learners through an interactive UI, thereby ensuring an effective and collaborative training experience.
  • Learners also receive automatic notifications and reminders for upcoming training sessions, training completed, and more.

As per the Forrester Research, 9% of Fortune 500 companies incorporate chatbots during the corporate e-learning process. Therefore, organizations leverage the benefits of the latest tools and technologies to interact with learners effectively. Undoubtedly, well-designed chatbots streamline the entire training process through Artificial Intelligence. For instance, people many look for airline ticket three months ago of their actual travel. The LMS chatbots are designed for various users based on their search preferences and conversations. So, when the travel date comes nearer, bots automatically prompt relevant information for customers as per their pertinent needs.

Figure 1: Bots in E-Learning

With the increasing use of corporate learning management system, the scope for Augmented Reality, Chatbots, Simulations, and others is also rising. As the world of bots in e-learning is constantly evolving, the technology is leaving a huge impact on corporate training landscape. Ultimately, the success of bots is based on their intelligence, custom training needs, and the need to facilitate learning experiences. As per Gartner, 85% of learner interactions will be managed without a human by the year 2020, and bots will play a crucial role. So, more learners interact through LMS chatbots, the smarter they will become in delivering custom training content. The level of personalization that bots offer can potentially become the major reason to boost customer satisfaction and business sales. As per the research, the global market of bots is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025. [Source:]. Chatbots are virtual assistants who support effective communication between learners and educators. The way bots address various training challenges makes it a more convenient approach than calls and emails. The most significant feature of LMS chatbots is their deep learning ability. As a result, this enables successful user interaction to boost knowledge competency, bridge skills-gaps, and attain competitive success.

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