Leveraging The Benefits Of Blended Learning For The Next Generation Workforce

Posted on : June 14th, 2018
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When it comes to embracing the benefits of online learning by incorporating mobility and social media, then blended learning comes as a solution. The significance of blended learning has been redefined in every single way. It is a perfect combination of e-learning software used in a traditional classroom environment to provide effective training courses. Undoubtedly, the increasing scope of digital media and technological innovations has opened a myriad of learning channels. So, blended learning aims to achieve customized learning goals by applying the right technology that aligns with the right learning style to increase the overall learning uptake.

Blended Learning

Social Learning: A Significant Piece in Blended Learning

By adopting a learner-centric approach and using innovative tools, majority of the organizations are restructuring their learning strategies. The traditional training approach does not support social learning, thereby unable to deliver an informal learning experience. This leads to implement blended learning programs which incorporates social learning elements for a more effective and engaging experience. Outlined below are some of the ways in which blended learning programs can leverage the benefits of social media components:

● Embed different types of social media tools with training courses so that modern learners are well-acquainted with the latest information. Important links to blogs, videos and articles aid learners to understand individual requirements and get better insight on the topics.

● Social media helps to build strong collaboration between the learners and training programs through various resources such as case studies, webinars, group discussions and more.

● Social media platforms develop a strong communication as well as connect learners who access training on the same topics. This improves chances to exchange new ideas, collaborate more and spin off discussions between peers. Consequently, the corporate learning environment becomes more interactive and delivers a continuous learning experience to the organizational workforce.

Blended Learning & Its Essential Components

Using a powerful e-learning software within a blended learning program is an evolutionary process. It is crucial to explore the efficiency of the workforce, organization and training to meet diversified business goals. The first step is to supplement existing training programs with e-learning activities such as workshops and virtual classrooms. Going further, an effective instructional design analysis is performed, highlighting other significant aspects:

● Audience analysis is performed to identify all the efficient delivery options that help to meet different performance objectives. Key factors to be considered within this analysis include customized learning styles, employee motivation, instant access to training courses and much more.

● Analysis of content is done to choose some of the optimum course delivery formats. A variety of formats supported by blended learning programs include simulations, gamification, augmented reality and more.

● Financial analysis of course delivery and training costs also play a key role in deciding enhanced delivery options. Providing self-paced and media-rich e-learning content can prove to be inexpensive, effective and tailored to different learning needs.

Today, enterprises have realized that blended learning is not merely a cost-effective and engaging approach, but also imparts an effective way to learn and apply. They use robust online learning software to remain at the forefronts of delivering effective training for the next generation workforce.

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