LMS Utility For Content Providers: Helping Content Companies Sell Better, Market Better

Posted on : December 29th, 2016
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LMS successfully increase sales

The utility of learning management systems is ubiquitous across different industry domains and varied learner profiles – there’s something that all of us can benefit from the amalgamation of technology and learning. Within the plethora of organizations utilizing LMS for their training management needs, a large chunk of learning management system users are content companies which create and sell e-courses to other organizations. These courses are usually created in collaboration with subject-matter experts and cater to the ever increasing learning needs of companies. So modern LMS should build in value for learning content companies and accommodate their needs. So an learning management system which simply makes eLearning material available to users might not be enough. Here are some LMS features that can create value for content development companies:

Visual appeal and logical structure

Not much attention was paid to the visual aesthetics of an LMS at the time of its conception as the utilization of the system was strictly contained within delivering learning in a technology-enabled format. But now, modern users are tech-savvy and exposed to the latest developments in design through perineal web presence. They expect the same visual appeal in the learning platform as well. So sleek designs are in and clutter is out. In addition, structure of the LMS should be such that new users feel instantly comfortable browsing through course content, bookmarking courses and so on.

Additional learning support

The LMS of a content developer company should provide a lot of value to the users, making sure that they feel it is worth their money and they come back for more. When users’ login to take a course, related reference material should be made available and once they complete a course, they should be recommended a few more advanced course options. These opportunities can increase membership value of the LMS and grow revenue for the organization.

Course Reviews

The LMS should allow learners to review e-courses that provide feedback, on the course content as well as their experience on the learning portal. Some learning management may also have a rating system, which is a great tool for receiving and providing product feedback.

E-commerce ready

The LMS should be e-commerce ready, providing opportunity for learners to browse through product catalogue, generate invoices, use discount coupons and even pay online or offline. Administrators should also be able to utilize this feature to assign courses, give out coupons and buy courses for learners. The payments can be made within the system with the help of an integrated payment gateway, which ensures smooth and safe transactions.

Email Notifications

The LMS should be able to send consistent communication to members about courses and the newest eLearning content added to the portal. Most modern learning management systems provide their own email notification system that can be utilized to send out regular communication to all audiences.

Increasing the utility of an LMS is the priority for all organizations but even more so when users are mostly outside the organization. With modern features and facilities, LMS can be well utilized for content development companies and successfully increase their sales.

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