Microlearning: Deliver Continual Learning Experience to Generate Bigger Returns from Shorter Bites

Posted on : February 18th, 2019
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With an aim to provide learning as an ongoing process, continual learning has set strong footholds across majority of organizations. From boosting workforce skills to improving organizational efficiency and workplace culture, continual learning offers a plethora of benefits. In today’s competitive world and with technological advancement, it has become crucial that employees continue to improve their skills at the workplace.

microlearning and micro content

With microlearning, it is possible for employees to take out few minutes from their busy schedule to learn and improve their skills that make them a valuable asset for the organization. Delivering bite-sized content involves creation of short chunks of information which are quick to digest and easier to retain.

Microlearning makes an optimum use of instructional design strategies to deliver training on-the-go. Whether it is in the form of short infographics, video nuggets, mini games or more, modern learner get the bite-sized content on their fingertips.

Short videos are becoming one of the most engaging content types which are easier to understand and can be retained for longer.

Micro content is best delivered across personalized mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as it mimics the way information is searched online. Modern workplace ethics encourage this learning style by embedding a tab-based interface, popular among social media websites.

Interactive scenarios are also added as a significant part of microlearning. These allow learners to consume information, apply knowledge at the workplace and reflect it in their progress.

Micro content delivery is aligned to the pertinent needs of diversified audiences. The corporate workforce can easily access short training modules at their own pace of time and convenience. As a result, they need to spend less time and effort to digest maximum information. Most of the times, managers and trainers deal with an issue to measure the effectiveness of continual workplace learning. So, they prefer delivering microlearning solutions to provide the workforce with innovative learning opportunities:

The new-age learner prefers watching a 5-10 minutes short video rather than reading a lengthy document. Therefore, microlearning serves as a perfect choice when it comes to integrating the training solution with organization’s existing technology ecosystem.

Microlearning delivers an experience which is tailored to personalized needs of all, without being affected by the costs associated with traditional instructor-led training. It ensures that employees can boost their knowledge competency in a relatively lesser span of time, while maintaining the training budgets.

Highly engaging video nuggets help the learners to understand the context in a better way. Learners access more training courses and participate more, thereby improving the overall learning uptake.

Based on how well the learners seek continual microlearning experience, the performance metrics is also generated. Various types of statistical tools are used to track learners’ progress and impart them with seamless support at the workplace.

Microlearning provides several benefits to employees as well as to the organization as a whole. It has crossed all the geographical barriers by providing anytime and anywhere access to relevant information. Micro content helps to address multiple issues related to corporate training along with the need to match custom learning styles and preferences. Short chunks of information in the form of games, videos, tweets and others have shaken up the way information is delivered to the new-age learners- whenever and wherever they want to.

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