Microlearning: Leveraging Your Business Results From Effective Training

Posted on : August 14th, 2017
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As technological innovations change our day-to-day lives, we must address the impact technology has on how we learn and work. With the complete overhaul of thinking ability, technology has also changed the ways employees do their jobs and look for information for improvement. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to adapt the ways they train employees. Microlearning helps address this challenge and provides solutions in the way employees learn.

Microlearning technology

Driving Innovation by Empowering Learners through Microlearning

As learners become more informed and have control over when and where to learn, they expect same level of control in their training. Microlearning serves more bespoke needs and relevant information as per the needs. Using micro elements in the course and providing effective LMS solutions, learners choose only what is most important to their job and experience level, creating a customized learning experience. G-Cube is one of the eminent e-learning service providers, which created a Spaced Learning Program for a reputed automobile company to facilitate classroom as well as online learning experiences. This methodology was implemented where lengthy courses were divided into smalls chunks, enhancing overall training experience and employee retention rate. Before this project rolled out:

• Classroom training programs covered a wide range of topics and though the employees could understand, it was difficult for them to retain the information for long period of time.

• Most of the information shared was essential to improve the overall performance of employees. With reduced retention rates, the positive effects of training were not highlighted in work.

• Though efforts to retain employees were made, it was not enough to ensure that employees stay aware for longer periods of time.

Highlights of Spaced Learning Program

The main highlight of this program were refreshers that were presented to the learners on regular basis. We created diverse content in the form of nuggets to meet the tailored needs of learners. This included short games, interactive videos, email refreshers and animations.

The email refresher provided textual information that helped learners improve their work standards. Games are always an effective way of imparting knowledge and assessing learners’ performance, giving badges and rewards. The appealing background and relevant quizzes make it an exciting learning experience. Interactive videos help learners to connect themselves with real-life examples. Whiteboard animation started with the introduction of Coco character.

Benefits of Spaced Learning Program

Content was delivered in bite-sizes, completely aligned to different needs of learners. Also, this delivery mechanism was much more interesting and palatable. The use of refreshers became quite popular among the users. Learners from remote locations logged on to reap benefits from them. Efficient learning design and delivery contributed towards the success of this project:

• Subject matter and topics identified for refreshers were the ones that learners thought is necessary to learn. This removes all barriers that usually appear among different learner groups. The refreshers were short, thus saving lot of time of both trainer and learner.

• Different learning approaches were followed to ensure content variety, especially for learners who feel discouraged with repetitive content.

• With mind-blowing responses from this program, we are geared up to create similar content, that is short and precise, yet effective.

This program was developed within the approved timelines, thus meeting the target budgets.

• Short games were developed using Flash with eye-catchy background graphics. This helped learners remember relevant information and apply it to real-life scenarios.

• Email refreshers were designed using attractive graphic tools such as Photoshop and were created with huge efficiency.

• Interactive videos were created using Flash and designed to run on Windows platform.

• Whiteboard animation was created using videoscribe tool, to convert text, images and audio into lively whiteboard animation.

The exquisiteness of micro learning is not just in its focused nature. When discussing about its role in your training course, it has a lot more flexibility. Micro assets are useful anywhere, be it a stand-alone piece or a large piece of training. Microlearning is a significant modality to consider when talking developing your training methodology. Organizations can empower more number of learners and drive maximum productivity. The small chunks of information on the training course engage learners before training even begins. It is not only about telling the workforce what they will learn, but also motivating them to take the course for an engaged learning experience.

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