Modern Learning Management System Features: Driving Performance, Boosting Engagement and Increasing ROIs

Posted on : October 25th, 2019
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Are you looking for a new-age learning management system (LMS) that supports advanced features? Modern LMSs provide performance-driven solutions, thereby enabling learners to undergo training anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device. Intuitive interface, skills-gap analysis, content management, performance tracking, reporting, and others are some of the incredible LMS features that facilitate training experience.

Learning Management System Features

Organizations from diverse industry verticals invest in the modern learning management system to boost knowledge retention and workforce performance for higher ROI and workplace productivity. Key features of new-age enterprise LMS include the following:

Easy to navigate

Online learning courses uploaded on the LMS can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Modern learning management platforms provide an easy to navigate interface with mobile functionalities, allowing employees to learn at their own pace. Consequently, an intuitive UI helps learners to quickly sign in from their personalized mobile device, track progress, check attendance, and more even on the go.

Collaborative learning

Social learning features such as discussion boards, forums, surveys, content ratings, and others allow users to collaborate with peers, managers, and trainers. Organizations leverage the benefits of collaborative learning through LMS as it enables the workforce to share ideas and learn more efficiently.


Gamification serves as a viable solution to hook intended audiences with a fun-filled learning experience. Rewards, badges, levels, and leaderboards engage and encourage the corporate workforce to participate as a team, complete the training, and perform better. Ultimately, learn access courses and complete levels, gain recognition, earn scores on the leaderboard, and reflect their overall progress in the training program.

KPI-led training

Modern LMSs integrate with other enterprise systems to collate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and create performance metrics. Based on the KPI scores, the robust e-learning platform assigns personalized training to cater to pertinent learning needs and performance goals. As a result, KPI-linked learning helps to analyze the skills-gaps as well as relevant training courses to close those gaps.

Analytics to increase ROI

In today’s digital world, it is crucial to utilize analytics features to determine training ROI. For instance, modern LMSs automatically track learner performance and generate reports to analyze KPI scores. The KPI data is collated and merged with sales targets and revenues to realize the overall impact of training on employee performance and retention levels. Using analytics, organizations can quickly identify the need-gaps and deliver custom training content to close those gaps and enhance learning uptake.

So, discussed above are some of the key features that are shaping the future of corporate learning and development. Other significant features of the new-age learning management system include video library, assessment engine, content management, virtual classroom, and so on. With the shifting focus towards delivering performance-driven and ROI-linked learning, the scope of deploying robust corporate LMS is also improving. If you are hunting for a robust LMS for modern corporates, then G-Cube LMS can be an ideal choice. The proprietary G-Cube LMS is easy to access and customizable learning management platform capable of meeting the personalized learning needs of all. To get more details about G-Cube’s products and services, write to us at [email protected].

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