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New Year Celebrations at GCS

G-Cube celebrated New Year Bash on 29th December that started with a painting competition on Global Warming. This time we moved away from the usual inter-department competition, and had intradepartmental teams. Belying initial skepticism, all the teams responded with such great enthusiasm that it had to be seen to be believed. Preparations started a week in advance, with teams brainstorming about their theme costumes, and concepts that can be presented.

Given that the time available to the teams to draw was only 45 minutes, results of the competition were simply amazing. Here are the top two entries.


Team – Ozone

Concept – “If you look at the painting, it portrays that our dear Mother Earth is being served as food and is feasted by the demons of smoke. This feast is absolutely free of effort for them as we; humans are ourselves accelerating deforestation (the cut tree depicted as the table), the pollution as the guests and penetrating through the survival layer of Ozone. The painting also shows that Global Warming is an issue which seeded its roots over time; this is a result of our ignorance to save our nature and enjoy the novelties over time and thus the clock hand are helping the smoky beasts to scoop the Mother Earth, through its North and South poles. It’s high time for us to realize the pain of our Mother Earth, heal her wounds and provide a secure future to our new generation. It’s Now or Never; so let’s all gear up, take a pledge to do maximum at our end to put a check on this global threat.”

The second team had a very different perspective on Global Warming. See what they had to say about the topic.

Urban Sloths

Team – Urban Sloths

Concept – “The only thing that is permanent is Change, which may be slow or rapid. Same is the case with our Mother Earth, which goes through some of the biggest climatic changes spanning millions and thousands of years. The subtle increase and decrease in the temperature of the Earth is a natural phenomenon. It is also known as a Glacial or an Inter-glacial period within an Ice Age depending upon the point of reference. There are several factors responsible for this, such as the revolution of the Earth, its distance and angle from the sun and others like the movement of the sun on its axis and the movement of the sun around the galaxy.

What we all are witnessing nowadays, commonly known as ‘Global Warming’ is nothing but an Inter Glacial period – which is marked by a natural increase in the temperature of the Earth. Global warming is a mere contributor towards this natural phenomenon. History has seen glaciers becoming deserts and vice-versa. There was a time, some 2000 years ago when the North American continent was covered with glaciers, later on the glaciers melted and parts of it became deserts, prairies, wetlands and alpine areas. The nearest example, geographically that we have is the Dwarka city which according to the Gita was once ruled by Krishna. It is now under the sea close to the present day Rann of Kutch.

To sum up this diatribe, Global Warming is nothing more than political hoax by powerful industrialists and politicians who fund research of some well-known scientists. So guys, do not worry, Mother Earth knows how to maintain its cycle of Evolution and its Equilibrium!!!

Our painting is a sum total of Evolution, Ice Age, and natural Global Warming and Cooling. As explained above, in the future Himalayas may turn into oceans or deserts or it could be the other way round. Who knows probably the Sloths might finally evolve and start creating e-Learning programs at G-Cube.”

You can look at rest of the paintings at

All the paintings will now be auctioned off, and the proceeds would go to a local NGO as part of GCS’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

After such an interesting and intense competition, we had a dance party with rocking DJs which went on till late evening. To sum up, all G-Cubians had loads of fun in welcoming the New Year.

Wishing everyone a very happy and joyful New Year Ahead!

(Sonia Mahajan is Senior HR Executive at G-Cube)