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Optimizing Onboarding Experience through Modern Learning Management Systems

Learning Management System

Today, hiring employees to work more efficiently in the workplace is becoming more critical than ever. An engaging online onboarding program helps to streamline the workforce through a continuous process which makes more competent. Modern Learning Management Systems (LMSs) automate the onboarding process which results in reduced costs, increased knowledge retention, and productive workforce. These provide a comprehensive induction training experience to improve employee relations with the organization.

How does Modern LMSs Automate the Onboarding Experience?

The robust e-learning platforms allow the administrators to standardize the entire online onboarding program. Using an LMS, new hires quickly familiarize with the company’s culture, policies, and more in a more convenient way. There is a gamut of benefits offered by LMS during an online onboarding session. These include:

  • The new-age LMSs enable the organizations to deliver training to a globally dispersed workforce effectively. These aids the learners to consume new course modules on their personalized devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Modern LMSs helps learners to access relevant training content whenever and wherever they want to. These also manage to keep learners on track so that they can quickly adapt to the new workplace environment.
  • The powerful e-learning platforms assess individual performance during the onboarding session, thereby bridging the skills-gaps and boosting their overall workplace competency.
  • An LMS also provides detailed information on the company’s policies, culture, compliances, and more. It places different forms of medical benefits, insurance policies, leave policies, and more. These forms simplify the process of delivering the right information at the right point of time.

There are ample ways to automate the onboarding process through powerful e-learning platforms. These include:

  • Firstly, employee data is collected during the pre-boarding process to foster relationships between the client and the organization. An integrated automation tool helps to gather information during the hiring stage and provide online documents to the new employees. Through automated tracking, the system notifies when the new hire finishes with the paperwork.
  • Automation through LMS helps to create and disseminate instant acknowledgment from the learners ensuring that employees are aware of policies and industry regulations.
  • The robust technology enables the learners to learn at the point of need. For instance, a welcome message from the CEO of the company boosts overall levels of engagement and knowledge retention of the new hires.
  • It is a daunting task for Human Resources to keep track of upcoming induction programs, training completed, and more. Using an LMS, organizations can fetch detailed reports on individual progress, followed by sending reminders to new hires on upcoming activities.

While new hire training can be time-consuming, using a robust LMS to automate the onboarding process helps improving employee engagement, knowledge retention, and overall training effectiveness while reducing the manual labor that organizations spend on training.

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