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#PaintingForPeace: A Celebration of Life and Humanity


It’s time to see some hope and celebrate the achievements of the year gone by. Last year, we saw the world through turbulent times and violence that tore nations apart. As saddened we were by it all, it was a time to realize the need to do something affirmative and call out for Peace.

In early December 2015, G-Cube started a campaign with a difference – Painting for Peace. We invited all G-Cube members, their friends and families to get their creative caps on and paint us their heartfelt call for Peace. The paintings were a reflection of our united voices against violence and terror, making a plea for peaceful times for us and generations to come.


As a part of the G-Cube family, the children of NGO Ashadeep Foundation were also invited to participate in the campaign and contribute with their artistic renditions for Peace. We have been closely associated with the organization for some years now. In addition to running successful drives for clothes, medicines, and other amenities, G-Cube associates mentor the children of Ashadeep to help them develop professional skills that will ensure their future.


With an encouraging number of entries pouring in, we started the campaign by displaying the paintings on our social network, with the promise that the most liked ones will feature prominently in a desk calendar. We invited G-Cube associates and their friends to like and share the entries and ensure the call for Peace reaches far and wide. To encourage the efforts of the children of Ashadeep, many G-Cubians ‘adopted’ their artworks and promoted them on their personal networks as well.


The ‘Painting for Peace’ campaign is our effort to create a consensus voice for Peace. From the young children who created happy faces and doves depicting peace to the mature reflections of Buddha and images of serenity, each painting is special in its own way. With the renewed enthusiasm that the New Year brings, we hope that the wishes depicted in the paintings come true and we prosper in harmony.


Let Peace prevail…