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Posted on : July 3rd, 2019
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In today’s tech-savvy world, many organizations are focusing on using mobile learning management systems to train globally dispersedemployees. The accessibility of training content on personalized mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets allows learners to undergo training anytime and anywhere. You need to install the mobile app on your device, and the relevant information is available at the point of need. The scope of mobile LMS app is increasing for top industries from healthcare and automobile to aviation, retail, eCommerce, and others.

Mobile LMS App

As per the CGS 2017 Enterprise Learning Annual Report, 54% of the respondents are planning to increase their investments in mobile learning in the year 2017 and beyond. With growing demands for learning on the go, organizations are leveraging benefits of learning management system mobile app. There are several reasons why you should m learning approach for employee training. These include:

● Improve the overall training effectiveness through modern LMS app. Learners can easily install custom mobile apps on the device of their choice, and access training material at their own pace and convenience. The delivery of short and digestible chunks at spaced intervals ensures continuous training, optimum engagement, and better knowledge retention.

● The incorporation of short quizzes, video nuggets, mini-games, and infographics motivate the learners to access more courses and perform better. Also, managers assign online questionnaires to track learners’ progress and boost their knowledge competency.  

● The robust LMS app provides a good sense of motivation among the learners to participate and perform. For instance, salesforce training on the go via mobiles results in improved retention, fewer dropouts, more engagement, and increased ROIs.

● The robust LMS application uses authoring tools to publish existing training content into HTML5 format, compatible with smartphones, PDAs, and tablets. Also, m learning authoring tools convert as PowerPoint and Word documents into HTML5 to ensure a flawless training experience.  

● The scope of mobile LMS is evolving with an increasing use of smartwatches and wearables in today’s digital learning environment. For instance, a custom mobile app helps users to undergo relevant training, even when there is no internet connection.

Today, organizations of all sizes prefer just-in-time learning approach to drive maximum outcomes in the least possible time. G-Cube learning management system, the best mobile LMS app offers knowledge in your hands and on the device of your choice. We created an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile LMS application for one of our esteemed retail clients. The innovative mobile app, implemented as an effective sales support enablement, helps the salesforce to showcase features and benefits of the company’s products on your personalized mobile devices. Overall, the experience is highly impactful, thereby helping to boost customer engagement, retention, and overall organizational sales.

The top features of G-Cube mobile LMS include gamified eLearning, offline assessments, HTML5 support, social learning, and others to ensure personalized learning for all. Moreover, G-Cube LMS is named under the coveted Top 50 LMS Listing 2019 by Craig Weiss. The seamless mobile support, KPI-driven learning, video streaming, responsive design, and intuitive UI are some of the key differentiators that made our proprietary LMS in this reputed listing. If you want to know more about G-Cube LMS, request for a personal demo here.

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