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Replacing Classroom Approach with Gamified E-learning for the Retail Sector – Part 3

Game Based Learning

Another instance where we delivered game-based e-learning was for the Retail sector. The primary need for this industry is to update their workforce on the latest product range and regulatory compliances. So, we developed game-based learning solutions for their sales professionals to familiarize them with the latest products, their features and benefits. On successful completion of level within a certain training module, scores and badges were also given. This encouraged the participants to access more courses and finish their training. The seamless mobile delivery of training made learning content available as per the needs of the learners and the game-based approach made learning more fun for the employees. The incorporation of audio-visuals, graphics and scenarios in online courses also helped to boost overall employee engagement and knowledge retention. To know more, write at in**@gc**********.net.

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