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Sales And Marketing

Sales And Marketing


Training in sales and marketing delivers significant business benefits. In order to improve sales techniques, customer service skills, and marketing expertise, many organizations conduct regular training sessions. Regular training sessions of the employees help them boost their sales and this, in turn, ensures greater customer satisfaction. These sales and marketing training programs help the team in developing new skills to achieve their challenging targets.


It becomes essential for the sales and marketing personnel to learn through technology-aided programs as they are always on the go and are usually out of office. The technology-led learning is not just limited to the presentations, but through hand-held devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. they can use interactive learning content like quizzes, simulations, games, etc. that help them learn even while they are working. Live sessions can be made more interactive through feedback or Q&A sessions that give an opportunity for engaged learning.


The Challenges


An organization’s success mainly depends on the efficiency of its workforce. Training the staff in the domain of sales and marketing is considered difficult, yet is extremely important. Training the sales and marketing department is a huge issue faced by the business leaders. The other challenges faced by the organization, when it comes to sales and marketing, are: –

  • Mobility of Sales Team: Sales teams are highly mobile, and therefore, they need a learning solution which they can carry with them.
  • Difficulty to be updated: The salesforce finds it difficult to keep pace with the regular updates of their own products and services.
  • Vast Information Requirement: Information requirement by a salesman is vast. He needs to have in-depth knowledge about his company, customers, and competition.
  • Low Conversion Rates: Low conversion rates are big de-motivators in sales and marketing. Sales teams need to continuously motivate, and they should be confident of gaining better customer satisfaction.
  • Well versed with the target: Sales teams should be expert in reporting, analyzing, and forecasting their targets and therefore the knowledge of tools can improve their productivity for the better.
  • Knowledge about sales processes: Knowledge about the organization’s specific sales processes is extremely important for every salesman, especially for new employees.


Our Solutions


GCube takes a holistic approach while offering solutions for sales and marketing domain. We have assisted various companies in different domains and geographies and helped them in training their employees. Here is an insight into our sales and marketing training solutions: –

  • Sales Management Programs: These consist of courses that teach the best practises in management of sales processes for the organization.
  • Client Management Programs: These programs empower the sales team with the knowledge to manage the clients.
  • Sales Communication Programs: These courses help the sales team in learning the necessary communication methods and strategies that are important for quick closures.
  • Sales Presentation Programs: These programs focus on building the presentation skills to present the products and services provided by the organization as a solution to the clients’ problems.
  • Sales Enablement Programs: These courses are built around motivating sales staff. It involved improving the confidence of the sales team and building organizational loyalty through the staff.
  • Sales Tool Training Programs: Our sales tool training programs comprise of imparting knowledge of the general and company-specific CRMS as well as the other applications courses.


Our Experience


GCube has delivered customized sales and marketing programs for many Fortune 500 companies. These impart knowledge to their sales team to attain organizational success. Here is an introduction to our work:

  • How to Appoint a Distributor: We created an award-winning eLearning course on how to appoint right distributors.
  • Product Training: We also developed 30+ hours of products training modules for the leading Banks & Insurance Companies globally.
  • Dealer Network Training: GCube also created highly engaging courses for dealers of an automobile giant in Asia.
  • Branch Operations Training: We developed Role Specific training for managing & operating a Sales & Service Branch.
  • Seller Portal Training: We catered to a reputed Ecommerce Company by providing effective sales portal training to employees.
  • Just in Time Sales: We also created 50 short nuggets for a training company for their client training requirement.