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Training the External Workforce of a Leading Automobile Company


In today’s modern world, emerging training needs is the major reason to be considered for huge transformations that occur across varied industry verticals. The delivery of innovative e-learning solutions has completely revolutionized the corporate training landscape, and automobile is of no exception. Majority of organizations in the automobile sector deliver effective e-learning solutions via robust platforms, encouraging employees to undergo training and boost their workplace competency. Blended with the support of latest technology, e-learning has developed tailor-made solutions as per the pertinent needs of diversified audiences.

Knowing the fact that automobile sector comprises of globally dispersed audiences, it faces a plethora of challenges which include:

  • There was a need to train a wide network of dealer employees spread across diverse locations.
  • There was a need to utilize an LMS to deliver classroom training as well online training sessions over personalized mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to enable learning on the go.
  • The client wanted to bring uniformity in the training process by implementing an efficient LMS for their Dealer Network for the Sales as well as Services department.
  • There was a need to reduce manual intervention of generating reports, spreadsheets and more.
  • Sometimes, the dealer network lied about their manpower numbers as they had to include a minimum number of employees in their team for certain number of vehicle sales.

How to Meet Training Needs of Extended Workforce?

G-Cube provided end-to-end solution which is both online courses and robust LMS for the dealer network of one of the leading automobile companies. We successfully performed the cross-selling using G-Cube LMS v7 for the Services team within the same organization. Both the instances helped us to offer a plethora of benefits as discussed below:

  • We created e-learning modules which were easily accessible on smartphones and tablets.
  • Different courses uploaded on the LMS were aligned to different job roles of extended workforce to ensure a personalized content delivery.
  • The successful mass execution of G-Cube LMS helped the client achieve the highest-ever sales volumes in a calendar year.
  • Our LMS helped the management to assign, track and complete the learning quotient ensuring that customers were provided with accurate and proper product explanation.
  • It resulted in boosting the overall customer satisfaction at the dealership and the way customers are handled even after delivery.
  • The updated version of our LMS also helped the management to take counter measures to enhance the knowledge level of those areas/zones where it needs to focus certain model or topics.
  • The combined efforts of the field team helped to change the dynamics of the two-wheeler industry in India.
  • Our LMS was successfully integrated with Dealer Management Software (DMS), the backbone of the extended workforce. As a result, it helped to begin training at the point of need- without any additional implementation of glitches.
  • The optimal e-learning solution utilized data from the DMS to automate the learning process- sales employees trigger the LMS to impart relevant content to the learner. Consequently, it helped the dealer workforce to learn more and perform better.
  • To overcome the challenge of fake manpower numbers, we provided the dashboard to compare target manpower with actual one. Also, when a dealer creates a user across the LMS, that user got activated only after the approval from the area manager. The individual user accounts were linked with unique Aadhar accounts to provide complete authentication to the users within the system.

We collaborated with the client to provide a powerful technology-inclined online learning platform that catered to the pertinent needs of intended audiences. Also, most of the employees from Services department were less familiar to technology and less qualified. This is the reason we provided the localization feature to make the platform quick to access and easier to access when accessed in different languages- Tamil, English and Hindi. With the availability of e-learning courses even on the go via multiple mobile devices, dealer employees became more aligned to their organizational ethics. In addition, the huge brand presence of the client across the globe was a driving force to boost confidence among them.