Transforming the Digital Landscape with Interactive Mobile Learning Apps

Posted on : March 23rd, 2018
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The influence of technology on training organizational workforce has been huge for the past few years. Digitization has increased the scope of using personalized mobile apps to deliver customized learning experiences at the point of need. With technological innovation, it has become significant for modern organizations to use smartphones and tablets, enabling learning on the go. Today, companies have started reshaping their training strategies to facilitate mobile learning on a wider scale. New-age learners are increasingly using engaging mobile apps to meet their training needs without any hassle of going anywhere.

Mobile App Learning

The adoption of mobile technologies is expected to go higher as infrastructure and mobile devices are getting more cost-effective, smarter and efficient. Consequently, it has encouraged organizations to deliver micro content, which is smaller in size and easy to digest and recall. This approach provides learners with lucrative opportunities to learn at their pace, anytime and anywhere.

Emerging Need of Mobile Apps for E-Learning

With introduction to latest mobile apps, it has become possible for modern workforce to access online content in the most interactive way. The use of mobile apps has brought a significant change in the corporate sector. Few reasons why organizations use learning apps for mobiles are discussed here:


Personalized mobile devices including smartphones and tablets have become crucial for everyone’s lives because of the flexibility with which e-courses are delivered. Organizations embrace the use of latest mobile apps to improve the overall learning uptake.

Anytime, anywhere access

Mobile learning allows users to access relevant information at the point of need. As learners can access courses anytime and anywhere, the chances to undergo training increases leading to higher completion rates.

Leverage other trends

From highly robust social media platforms to interactive graphics, any kind of information can be accessed via mobile apps. Microlearning, video-based content and gamification are some of the popular trends that use mobile devices to cater to individual learning needs.

Meet diverse needs

Online content created for mobile devices caters to different learning needs from soft skills and compliance to sales, product management and more.


The format of using modern apps is incredibly different from traditional training instruction. E-learning enables the workforce to learn at their own pace, leading to increased employee engagement and retention levels.

Trends Adopted for Mobile App Development

Presently, the demand for innovative mobile apps is increasing at a very fast pace. The number of mobile users has also increased exponentially with more number of apps introduced across the globe. Some of the latest mobile app development trends in e-learning are outlined here:

Accessibility of video nuggets

The scope of video-based learning is emerging now. With the increasing use of personalized mobile devices, courses are embedded with short duration videos to engage maximum learners in minimum time.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR has revolutionized the way training is imparted across different domains including healthcare, automobile, corporate, retail, aviation and others. Few instances where mobile apps are used include interesting gaming apps to add fun element to learning or delivering bite-sized content for better understanding.

App security

As information is shared across mobile platform, security is a crucial aspect to consider. Mobile apps with inbuilt security features are highly demanded to enhance the overall learning experience.

In addition to the above, cloud-based apps are used by many organizations to synch data to drive real-time learning experience through technological innovation. With more number of organizations striving to boost workplace productivity and employee performance, demand for mobile learning apps will consequently rise in the future.

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