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Unlocking The Value Of Online Training In The Automobile Sector

Garima Dham

The advent of latest e-learning technologies in different organizations have made a fundamental difference to the way content is developed and delivered. Today, automotive manufacturers have been leveraging technology-inclined learning for extensive dealer employees as well as online onboarding programs. Ensuring consistency and reliability of training across the organizational personnel is critical for imparting excellent customer service.

The automobile industry uses learning technologies to impart tailored content to improve the emerging opportunities offered by mobile learning, virtual classrooms and collaborative learning environment. Today, technology is at the vanguard of innovation and people who have embraced that change are looking for new ways to reshape their learning strategies on both the customer and business bottom line. The broad swath of automobile sector and its modern workforce are shifting the digital landscape to address ample workplace challenges. Some of these challenges are outlined here:

Diverse audience

The automobile sector workforce is geographically spread across different locations based on different languages, job role and more. Therefore, training employees across different demographics is also a daunting task.


Among plethora of challenges automobile manufacturers face today, is overcoming negative perceptions of people due to misconceptions and stereotypes. To address this issue, the industry counteracts this lack of awareness by analyzing the availability of viable occupations that have immense growth potential.

Instruction & Capacity

The auto industry is also focusing on improving communication skills of their personnel. Training efforts must include the curriculum that caters to the bespoke needs of learners to stay ahead of the curve. For this, the industry is focused towards hiring new trainers who are proficient in their domain of skills and expertise.

Onboard training

Another challenge for the industry is the availability of training courses for new employees and retraining of existing employees. Education centers will be used to focus on the development of standard courses and certified training programs.

Role of Technology-Inclined Learning Solutions

The adoption of automobile technology is increasing with time and most of the automobile companies recommend their employees to undergo training programs that boost their knowledge competency and learning efficiency. In addition, opportunities in vehicle maintenance should be ample, particularly for employees who complete formal automotive service training. People who are engaged in vehicle repair and maintenance operations are expected to complete effective online training programs.

Keeping in mind the diversified audiences, e-learning is adopted to cater to individual needs. For instance, in employee orientation programs, varied business objectives can be explained through audios and interactive videos in a detailed manner. For supervisors sitting in the corporate office, managing their workforce can be tedious. Through virtual tour of the manufacturing site, managers can get detailed tour sitting at their office desk or while traveling to work. It boosts peer to peer interaction to deliver an experience which is self-paced and engaged. Apart from texts and manuals, learners as well as trainers come together on the same platform to share new ideas and their workplace experience. Undoubtedly, the auto industry is leading in the delivery of innovative e-learning solutions. So, training is an imperative need of this sector and e-learning holds a strong niche in catering to the customized needs of the modern workforce.