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Using Different Rapid Authoring Tools To Deliver An Effective Learning Experience

Rapid Authoring Tools

In today’s fast-paced digitized world, the use of authoring tools has become essential for trainers to impart interactive courses through a software, which allows the learners to develop their custom courses, web pages, navigation tools and more. The global adoption of rapid authoring approach has increased exponentially over the past few years. Gone are the days when e-learning projects would take several weeks or months to be delivered. Unlike the traditional classroom approach, the effective use of authoring tools helps to reduce costs and time associated with training, thereby leading to engaging content delivery. Various authoring tools are used to create, edit, review and test e-learning courses to deliver a comprehensive learning experience.

A Quick Glimpse at the Benefits of Using Rapid Authoring Tools

With ever-evolving market conditions, a majority of organizations prefer using rapid authoring tools in their e-learning strategy. Authoring tools are meant to boost learner engagement and retention to deliver a comprehensive learning experience. Some of the benefits of using these tools are outlined here:

Available anytime and anywhere

With the availability of authoring tools, it is easier for the learners to access online courses at their own pace. No matter if you install authoring tools on your desktop or via the web, you can use these tools at any point of need. These tools are perfect for designing effective courses which include multimedia content and are tailored to the needs of all.

Reduce training costs

Authoring tools when integrated with online learning platforms, the cost associated with using additional software and interactive media elements is reduced. These help to create short and crisp content which is easy to digest and remember for long.

Improve performance

To deliver an engaging e-learning experience, it is crucial to boosting employees’ performance at the workplace. Authoring tools help to enhance learners’ performance based on various aspects such as individual learning behavior, learners who attain a degree, retention rates, performance assessment based on badges and more.

Multi-device support

Modern learners want to undergo training as per their own convenience. Therefore, HTML5-based courses that are compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones are created. The key advantage of using authoring tools is that courses can be updated as per the varied learning styles and preferences. This way, online courses are never archaic in terms of content created or technology used to upload courses on flexible learning platforms.

Content repurposing

With changes in learners’ and organizational requirements, it is significant to repurpose the content to meet the changing needs. Rapid authoring tools come to the rescue for course developers when it comes to implementing new changes in the course. Consequently, these tools aid the trainers to impart courses that aim at delivering the required knowledge to their learners and help them attain their goals.

The effective use of authoring tools serves as an optimum solution for e-learning professionals. The tools you choose should be customized as per the diverse learning needs. So, choosing the right kind of authoring tool as per the required functionality is a critical decision to make. So, you should do an in-depth research on e-learning platforms and better understanding of the solutions that will align perfectly with your organizational learning & development needs.

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