YouTube And Learning: The Future Of Self-paced As Well As Classroom Learning

Posted on : January 16th, 2017
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Technology and learning has become closer in the last few years. With the development of modern Internet, corporate sector has completely changed its face – including the way business is conducted, how employees engage with people and how they learn.

YouTube and Learning
Video lessons are being utilized for training within the corporate sector – in classroom lectures, institutional promos, bulletins as well as newsletters. The most comprehensive library of educational videos – YouTube, is leading the charge as the most versatile medium for disseminating video content in classroom as well as for self-paced learning.

There are various ways YouTube can be utilized for learning within the corporate sector:

YouTube For Instructor-led Classroom Learning

YouTube videos can be integrated within the classroom structure – particularly when teaching science or math lessons. This has contributed to create greater flexibility in instruction. Not only can instructors display accurate charts and graphs, but they can use video to show students how processes actually work or feature a lecturer from one of YouTube’s education channels. The possibilities for augmenting education with the wealth of knowledge available in online video are vast.

YouTube For Self-paced Learning

Even within self-paced e-courses, videos are integrated to create better learner engagement. But creating a video from scratch is not a very easy task – it takes considerable time and moneys. With many available videos on YouTube, links can be included within the e-course to encourage learners to view learning videos to supplement the information provided. These videos can be included at the end of e-courses for learners who want to learn more or even included for future learning – as per the need of learners.

Online Video Promotions

Organizations can also utilize videos to promote their messages, and many of them have their own YouTube channels to promote themselves. This makes sense for bigger organizations as well as smaller ones, and should not be overlooked because it does not directly target their markets. YouTube is one of the most professional-looking and familiar video distribution platforms. Not only employees within the organization will look forward to interesting videos on the company channel but also clients or external partners can be suitably engaged.

Video Newsletters

If L&D managers think it is cumbersome to create videos for weekly or monthly newsletters, it is important to note that the effort will be worth it. Increased engagement that video offers is a much better investment than paper hand-outs. Today, many forward-thinking organizations are moving to digital newsletters distributed through email or a mobile app in combination with YouTube video links. This makes sure that employees get the latest news and happenings within the organizations, anytime and anywhere. Mobile delivery increases access and improves engagement as well.

Corporate Training

There are a ton of learning solutions for classroom or self-paced delivery, but value for training budget can be achieved by building out a training program using YouTube online videos. Video is the most interactive medium for online learning that can be supported by dedicated interaction with an instructor. Increasingly, employees prefer to learn from online videos, with sites set up exclusively for this task. The topic can be soft skills, entry-level Algebra to advanced JavaScript, the videos are varied and cater to varying learning needs.

Video-based learning is truly effective and YouTube provides a choice that all learners want. It is free and can be utilized in many ways to supplement and support corporate learning.

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