Modern Elearning Platform: Delivering Experience-driven Training Solutions

Aligning Learning to Different Attributes- Job Roles, KRAs, and Learning Histories

With an increasing need to boost workforce engagement and performance through corporate training, the scope of experience-driven learning is improving. From automobile and banking to retail, healthcare, and other industries, companies deploy modern eLearning platform to meet personalized needs of all. Ultimately, the role of LMS is transforming as Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to provide training as per the diverse job roles, learning habits, KRAs, and other attributes.

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Benefits of LXP- Learning is Accessible, Engaging, and Personalized

The modern LXP is one of the reliable online learning platforms which supports a myriad of features including-

  • Collating training content from multiple internal as well as external sources such as Content Library, Wikipedia, YouTube, and others.
  • Curating content based on a variety of sources which include Udemy, OpenSesame, YouTube, Coursera, and edEx.
  • Integrating seamlessly with existing enterprise systems such as Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Learning Management System (LMS). The LXP collates learner KRAs, learning histories, skills, and other attributes from these systems.
  • Assigning courses based on these learner attributes (KRAs, learning habits, skills, etc.) and automatically assigning courses using a Suggestion Engine.
  • Using AI-enabled chatbots to provide a highly interactive social learning experience for targeted learners.

Let us explore the top features of LXP for modern corporates.

  • Suggestion Engine- It helps to collate content from varied information sources to align the right kind of learning to learner attributes. The suggestion engine also supports automated content tagging and indexing based on the pertinent needs of globally dispersed learners.
  • Social Learning- The robust eLearning platform provides training through learning and sharing. Learners share new ideas, collaborate with their peers, and seek expert advice through discussion forums, announcements, and surveys (True/False, Multiple-choice, Descriptive, and more).
  • Virtual Assistant- The LXP uses an AI-enabled chatbot to enhance social collaboration, engagement, and optimize performance levels. Learners stay updated through calendar notifications of upcoming training, reminders of training schedules, as well as suggestions and notifications of new learning content.

With the shifting focus to deliver personalized learning, the scope of using experience-driven eLearning platform is improving. Significant advantages of LXP include the following:

  • The successful collation of data from Content Library and other external sources- better accessibility and faster access.
  • The system holds the ability to filter data and curate relevant content based on multiple tags- easier access and rapid search.
  • The LXP uses a built-in suggestion engine to deliver personalized training content as per diverse job roles, learning history, preferences, trends, and other attributes.
  • Notifications, suggestions, and reminders for new training courses improve overall knowledge competency, engagement, and performance of learners.
  • Creating different nodes such as assessments, mentoring sessions, videos, weblinks, and more to impart learning as per the personalized learning styles and preferences.
  • LXP delivers job-role linked training; therefore, learning aligns as per the custom workflow created by managers, administrators, supervisors, and others.

The focus is to deliver technology-aided learning for better engagement, retention rates, and enhanced user experience. In today's digital scenario, organizations deploy modern eLearning platform to ensure greater reach, accessibility, ROIs, and training impact. G-Cube is offering a complete Learning Suite, which encompasses LXP, LMS, and LPP (Learning and Performance Platform). The focus is to train the modern learners and meet their pertinent training needs, performance goals, and business objectives. To know about our products, write to us to [email protected].

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