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3 Key Solutions to Make Your Localization Effort Effective

Localization effect

To build the global presence of any business, localization is the first essential step. Not only is it necessary for your business purpose but also the training of employees who shall be the forebearers of the brand name and the brand value of your company. It is important that the training of your dispersed workforce is as seamless as it can get and here are the top 3 points you should keep in mind before choosing your localization service partner:

1- Expert and Experienced Resource

The most crucial thing to understand about localization is that it is not just the translation of content from one language to another. The whole experiential aspect of your content depends on how well it is being adapted to the new language, complete with cultural references and idiosyncrasies. The best idea is to get vendors who bring expert resources with task-specific experience, onboard who in-turn bring extensive experience and expertise to the table. Getting native language experts for the localization of audio and video format contents shall help your employees to relate and retain the material better.

2- Repurposing Content

The point of localization is to give your existing training content a context in a different language and culture. Therefore, the practical way of going about it is to refurbish your existing content to fit the required format. With the content re-engineered and repurposed into the various required formats like audio-visuals, words, pdfs, ppts you are saving a huge amount of time and money in a feasible manner.

3- Automated Translation

Automation is the key to most of our challenges these days. Likewise, it is also key to the localization effort as it cuts down translation cost considerably. Instead of splurging on the translation process through native language translators, using software-based translation has proved to increase your ROI and save effort.

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