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3 Tips to Choose the Right vILT Vendor

vILT Vender

One Google search with vILT and you will get hundreds of options for vendors providing vILT services, but the question is – can everyone give you the right solution for your online training needs? Probably not. So here are a few pro-tips to choose the right Virtual Instructor-Led Training Vendor who will not only transform your current ILT curriculum but also provide the right direction.

1- Design & Aesthetics

Interesting designing of training content is a very important part of a virtual classroom as that is the first layer of engagement for the learner. While choosing a vendor for vILT sessions it is advisable to evaluate their website, portfolio, visual elements etc to understand their design quality and graphics ability. It is important to understand how they use layouts, whether it is easy to navigate and if their sense of aesthetics is aligned to yours.

2- Range of Solutions

Virtual training strategies can and should include various types of solutions starting from Microlearning strategy like bite-sized learning to social learning tools like chat option. The vendor should be able to analyze the shortcomings of vILT strategies like lack of interaction and suggest relevant alternatives. They should be able to leverage the benefits of vILT like accessibility to get the best results for your training program.

3- Experience & Application

Experience builds knowledge. Application of that knowledge leads to favorable results. While choosing your vendor partner always try to look for relevant experience in their portfolio. Companies with a varied range of expertise will obviously showcase the same and your job is to look for solutions that might work for your requirements.Ask for project parameters to evaluate successful trainings. This will not only help you make better decisions but also help create a better understanding of the goal for both you and your vILT vendor partner.

It is true that one can probably get separate services under various companies but choosing a company which can become the one-stop solution for all your virtual training needs will reduce tedious coordination between multiple parties, turnaround time and costs and make the process seamless,  and effective.

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