Augmented Reality: The Trending Buzz for the Sales Organizations to Boost Employee Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction & Overall Business Outcomes

Posted on : September 25th, 2018
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Not too long ago, Augmented Reality (AR) seemed like a dream to achieve. Today, it is not so daunting to pull off this technology as modern organizations are all set to transform the workplace. In today’s digital era, AR provides an effective learning experience for the modern workforce, especially in niche domains. Currently, AR technology has spread its wings in the fields of marketing, sales, robotics, onboarding and more. Certainly, businesses of all sizes are realizing the true potential of latest learning technologies, leading to increased curiosity and adoption among the next-generation workforce. In today’s digital world, AR is leveraging the power of collaborative learning and creating a workforce that proves to be an asset for the organization.Augmented Reality for salesG-Cube worked in collaboration with a leading selling company where product training was considered as one of the crucial aspects for the success of organization. The company carved its presence in selling a diverse range of healthcare products and dietary supplements across the globe. It wanted to leverage the potential of Ayurveda as the modern way of living. So, AR came as an emerging trend which provided an optimal solution to package their Ayurvedic product range as the best medicines for the next-generation. G-Cube developed the latest AR-based mobile app which was easy to download from App or Google Play Store. The users could simply open the app and scan the product with the QR code to start the animation. The video highlighted the details including product dosage, ingredients and benefits. This helped the customers to gain an in-depth knowledge on product features and benefits, thereby improving their trust on the selling company and increasing overall business growth.

Different Challenges & Solutions for Sales Employees Training

In today’s competitive world, majority of companies face challenges when it comes to training their sales personnel. Employees fail to engage and retain what they learn or simply don’t prefer lengthy classroom-based training classes. Consequently, they fail to effectively sell the products to their customers, leading to poor workplace productivity and business growth. One of our clients wanted to introduce their new Ayurvedic Herbs product range using an innovative technology that imparts an added value to their overall sales & marketing strategy. For this, we adopted AR technology as a new initiative which successfully created the right buzz. Backed by a team of skilled professionals, we developed an effective augmented reality mobile app which virtually showcased the features and benefits of their entire Ayurvedic products range. It proved to be a unique way of highlighting concepts through visuals and audios, and less of text.

Most of the times, it has been noticed that sales organizations want to embrace the latest technology to market products to their customers spread across different demographics. The AR initiative has been successful for not only sales, but also other sectors like real estate, automobile, medical industry and more. Before implementing the AR technology for driving sales, there are numerous challenges that need to be faced:

●Apart from including audios & videos, a complete storytelling approach was required to showcase the traceability of individual products.
● There was a need to maintain a perfect balance between developing an augmented reality video vs an educational tour video was quite challenging.
● The complete dependency on vendors due to lack of in-house expertise was also a challenge.
● Taking products to different locations was a daunting task for the sales employees, resulting in wastage of time and effort.

G-Cube’s Solution for Sales Support and Enhancement

The successful implementation of AR as an effective sales support enablement served a plethora of benefits which include:

● The sales employees could take their customers through the solution on their personalized mobile devices. This ensured that the solution could be shared anytime and anywhere- contributing to its success.
● The solution aided the sales personnel better equipped to sell the appropriate products to the right audience.
● The animation for different products was completely in line with the marketing team’s expectations.
● With the mobile app uploaded on the stores, it became easier for the customers to access it anytime and anywhere.
● Incorporation of videos with the content gave an edge to the marketing team as well.
● The inclusion of traceability stories of each product in the video boosted the overall customer satisfaction and engagement.

With the design of a powerful and feature-rich AR-based mobile app, users were able to scan 4D image of the products and explore all the features. This interactive experience helped the customers gain a better understanding of the products, including features, functionalities and available configuration options. The App comprised of the unique functionalities to impart information on available products, following the concept of AR. Outlined below are some of the essential benefits of this AR-based mobile app:

● As the app was easily available on stores, it helped to provide an instant access to the details of the selected product range.
● More than 5000 downloads within a month reflected the program’s increasing demand and effectiveness.
● The incorporation of highly engaging and innovative content created the right bling in today’s market.
● The final product videos were in line with the marketing team’s expectations and aligned to the ever-evolving learning needs of the sales employees.

The Final Word

G-Cube holds a great potential in creating sales support and performance enhancement solutions for direct selling companies. In addition, we are experts in delivering sales enablement solutions for other domains such as healthcare, automotive, real estate and even education sectors which need sales-driven e-learning solutions. Currently, we are working on a new project for healthcare domain where AR technology will be implemented to develop a mobile app which can be accessed by surgeons before undergoing critical medical procedures to ensure optimum patient care. The scope of AR is increasing in the automobile industry as well where training is essential for the sales employees who are spread across different locations and are mostly on the go. With technological advancement, Augmented Reality is redefining the current ways of doing things- from buying new products to training the sales personnel in an effective and engaging way.'

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