Increasing Impact Of Gamified E-Learning

Posted on : June 6th, 2017
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For companies seeking to integrate comprehensive training programs, the benefits of e-learning outweigh the instructor-led training. With the traditional training programs, providing the learning material is costly and time-consuming. Many organizations choose to conduct e-learning sessions to save time, energy and budgets.

Gamified Learning

The key benefit of online learning is that it simplifies doing business in the ever-changing competitive environment. The aim behind the e-learning programs is not merely sharing information which can be accessed on mobile devices. It can be made more interesting and participatory by adopting a gaming learning environment. Gamification is one of the optimal solutions to create an effective e-learning system for organizations.

By incorporating gamification, the e-learning programs have bridged the gap between theoretical and real-life based learning. It helps to boost customer satisfaction, increase profits and improve brand presence. Applying gamification to change from the training into the entertaining gaming experience has plethora of advantages:

● Games fulfill the needs of different types of learners
● More learners are interested to try the new technology-aided platform
● More learners strive to complete the online training program
● Games aid introverted learners to actively participate
● Games make online learning more fun and informative

A Glance at the Best Gamified Learning Practices

Gamification is a powerful tool for learners, as it challenges them to meet their business objectives. When the goals of learners are defined, the learners are more motivated to achieve them. Here are few steps that you need to follow to ensure a successful gamified learning experience:

◆ Define your goals: It is essential to discuss the goals of the e-learning training program before you deliver the content. The gamification elements should be arranged as per the logical progression of the training program.

◆ Know your learners: To deliver the right gamified e-learning training content, it is important to first understand the learners. Knowing the tailored needs of different learners, you must wisely integrate gamification to ensure a better gamification experience.

◆ Connect learning with gamification: In e-learning training, the learners are asked to finish their training courses on time. The gamified elements make this process more smoother and entertaining for the learner.

◆ Explore the new experience: After aligning the gamification elements with e-learning content, it is essential to update the learners with the changing developments.

◆ Analyze and evaluate: The Learning and Development managers evaluate the scores of learners based on the quizzes and other activities they participate into. The results are then evaluated to assess learners and motivate them to perform better.

With the increasing use of gamification in the corporate training programs, the focus is moving from adopting strategies that can leverage on further. Undoubtedly, gamification is a way where gaming elements aid to create the highly effective and entertaining experience for learners.

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