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Leverage AI-powered LMS Platforms for Improved Employee Experience

AI-powered LMS Platforms

From virtual voice assistant Alexa to Netflix recommendations and other technologies, Artificial Intelligence is all around you. AI is paving its way through predictive analysis and big data across several industries, including healthcare, automobile, and finance, to name a few. The robust technology utilizes predictive analysis techniques to seek insights from historical data and recommend further improvements. Organizations are increasingly shifting towards using AI-enabled LMS platforms to-

  • Improve interactivity between humans and technology so that employees perform exceptionally well and learn new things.
  • Reshape current business processes through automation of training activities such as assigning courses, tracking performance, generating feedback through automatic reports, etc.
  • Enhance the capability of data analytics to fetch relevant information and align it to the intended audiences.

The perfect amalgam of AI technology with LMS platforms enable industries to cater to personalized training needs and preferences. Let’s see how an AI-powered Learning Management System (LMS) improve employee experience:

1- Automating Business Processes

Automation is at the core of AI-enabled LMSs, providing the ability to perform business processes without any human intervention. AI technology within the LMS helps automatically manage different tasks for supervisors/trainers, such as course scheduling, training delivery, performance tracking, etc. For instance, during an employee onboarding process, HR professionals can utilize the technology to automatically align new hires to different training modules on the company’s products, services, compliance, and more, thus improving employee retention and overall productivity.

2- Automating Skill Mapping

Organizations perform employee need-analysis to identify training goals- be it leadership, sales, compliance, soft skills, onboarding, and more. With AI-enabled LMS platforms, organizations can automate the process of analyzing employee behavior and skill-gaps and then providing personalized recommendations to meet those gaps. This reduces the overall load from the managers/supervisors to manually generate reports and perform skill mapping tasks for individuals.

3- Featuring Learning Analytics

The AI-enabled LMSs adopt a learning analytics strategy to automatically search and collate the most relevant information based on bespoke learning needs, job roles, history, and other preferences. Learning Analytics helps organizations customize training content in real-time by recommending relevant content according to the varied learning habits, needs, styles, and job roles.

AI technology has greatly influenced almost every industry and is here to stay. Using AI-powered LMS platforms, organizations can improve training effectiveness, facilitate content personalization, and increase overall impact. As technology is all set to revolutionize every aspect of corporate training, L&D heads are prioritizing facets where AI can bring about a positive and widespread impact on everyone’s life. If you want to know more about how GCube can help your organization develop and deliver personalized and automated learning solutions, write to us at in**@gc**********.net.