Increasing Role of 3D Custom Elearning for an Engaging Training Experience

With technological advancement, the trend of delivering custom eLearning solutions is rising. When the modern workforce wants to experience immersive learning, then it is time to take corporate training to the next level. Organizations adopt simulation-based learning approach with advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and others to impart engaged learning experience.

3D Custom Elearning

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3D model for learning is counted amongst the top-notch technologies for corporate training. There are various benefits of using 3D models to deliver custom training content. These include:

  • Learning on the go
    Just-in-time training is a practical online learning approach adopted by modern corporates. 3D learning embeds with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to deliver training anytime, anywhere, and on the go. Mobile learning gives better flexibility to learners, thereby boosting engagement, retention, and organizational performance.
  • Teamwork and collaboration
    Organizations embed interactive gaming elements such as badges and scores to deliver custom eLearning content. Employees participate and play as a team, thereby leading to better engagement, fosters teamwork, and peer-to-peer collaboration.
  • Simulation of real-life scenarios
    3D learning supports the simulation-based approach so that employees can gain practical know-how. Simulations enable employees to have hands-on experience with the real system during the program, thereby bridging knowledge-gaps and improving workforce performance. The role of 3D learning comes into place, thus enabling learners to seek relevant knowledge in a virtual environment and practically perform activities. For instance, the aviation industry uses simulations to train their staff and crew members on how to handle critical situations in real-life.
  • Makes learning more fun
    To deliver a fun-filled experience, organizations include gaming elements such as badges, levels, and rewards to engage and encourage learners. Gamification not only improves the pace of innovation at work, but also enhances workforce efficiency, engagement, and knowledge retention.

Facilitate Your Training Experience through Simulations

A simulation-based approach is an effective corporate training strategy adopted by different industry verticals. Several features and benefits of using games and simulations for effective custom eLearning delivery include:

  • Simulations hold the ability to use problem-solving skills in real-life workplace situations.
  • These also mitigate the risks and costs associated with training in a simulated learning environment.
  • Simulations and games result in improved collaboration between learners, educators, and other training experts.
  • Games provide the ability to track employee progress after they earn points and reach the next level on the leaderboard.
  • With an improved level of interaction through games, employees access more courses and retain for long within an organization.
  • 3D model learning also promotes maximum participation of employees during the entire training program.

With digitization, an increasing number of organizations are leaning towards 3D learning approach to enhance knowledge competency and business growth. Also, cost, time, and effort are no more the hurdles to deliver e-learning. With a plethora of benefits including better engagement, reduced prices, improved performance, organizations are shifting from traditional classroom to impactful e-learning approach. So, when custom eLearning courses are created strategically with the perfect blend of games, 3D simulations, and VR, then training proves to be more effective and productive.

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